***Our three Pointers have been as a model for original Pointer type in two all breeds Dog Books;Two of them in Maarit Laaksonen's Koirarodut Suomessa (Otava 2004)-book and our legendary Champion/ Winner dog in Allrounder Judge Tapio Eerola´s Suomen Koirarodut (Tammi)-book, both in finnish.

Our small homekennel Acolennon is bred Kennel to EEV-06,EEV-08,”Res.NORD-09”, EEJV-09, BaltJW-09,BYCH, Pointer Dog of the Year 2009, 2 Best Young Dog Pointers 2009, EEV-11, TLNW-13, HeVW-17, C.I.E. and of course to many CACIB,BOB,BOS,CC’s etc. Winners.
We are also owner Kennel to 3 stylish Import dogs (2 from GB & 1 DK),and to ”Res.FINW-99, -00,-01-02”, FINSh Ch, FINW03,"Res.NORDW.-05" FINJW-07, FINW -08 BOB-Puppy,to two”Res.NORDW-09"(female & dog), Pointer of the Year 2009, Pointer Bitch 2009, and Young Pointer 2009,Pointer Bitch 2010 and to many BOB, BOS, CACIB, and CC’s Winners.
Our breeding group was also Best of Breed Breeder Winner( BOB Breeder) at the International FIN-06, NORDW-09 and FINW-10 Show´s.