In Memoriam
Acolennon Lucky Star

Acolennon Lucky Star
"Our Prince Charm"
Hips A/A
Proudly bred Lea Nordberg,Acolennon Pointers
Jointly owned by Mr & Mrs Leskinen & Breeder

INT Show Champion
Acolennon Late Show

"Our first INT Sh Ch , style" Acolennon Late Show
The Best Acolennon Pointer 2010-2014...
Hips A/A
Proundly bred by Acolennon, Lea Nordberg,
Joyntly owned by Mrs Pirjo Tuominen,Kennel Cinron

IN Memoriam
Acolennon Case Ace

"Masculin & style EEV-06,EEV-08 Acolennon Case Ace"
The Best Acolennon Pointer 2006-2008
Hips A/A
Bred by Acolennon, Lea Nordberg,
Owner Mrs Pirjo Tuominen,Kennel Cinron

In Memoriam
FIN JW-07 ,"NORDW-09"

"Our marvellous (IMP Eng) FIN JW-07 Woodfleet Looking Awesome"
Hips A/A
Bred By Woodfleet Kennel ,J.& C.Huxley, GB,
Owner Acolennon Pointers, Lea Nordberg

In Memoriam (2003-2014)
Acolennon Crisogon

In Memoriam (2003-2014)
Acolennon Crisogon
*One of the finest Acolennon Pointer ever...
Hips A/A
Loved & Co-Owned Mr Jari Pitkänen & Breeder Lea Nordberg

In Memoriam (*1996-2004)
FIN Sh Ch ,FIN W-03
Skaidi Q-Roope

FIN Sh Ch ,FIN W-03 Skaidi Q-Roope
"Our charming Legend, FIN Sh CH,FINW-03 Skaidi Q-Roope "
*First FIN bred CH Pointer,who has qualified for Cruft´s !!!!
*Stud Book Dog
Hips B/B
Breeder by Skaidi Kennel,Mr Ilkka Nykänen
Owner Acolennon Pointers,Lea Nordberg